BitKassa - Klant betaald in Bitcoins, u ontvangt euro's.


What happens when three friends and Bitcoin Embassy members decide to bring bitcoin to business? BitKassa happens! BitKassa ( is the leading dutch payment provider for small businesses, making it stunningly easy for bars, restaurants and shops to accept bitcoin. The BitKassa POS (Point of Sale) service / app is available anywhere in the EUR…

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Bitcoin blockchain notary service.

Blockchain Notary [beta]

The Bitcoin blockchain notary service is the cheap, fast and easy way to time-stamp your documents on the Bitcoin blockchain! We combined the reliability of a notary with the superhero powers, security, trust and low fees of the Bitcoin blockchain! To create a proof of existence for a file (<1Gb) on the blockchain, drag and…

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#bitcoin-nl on slack! channel

Members please join our main Slack channel now and start interacting with our other members of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam! Access to the slack channel is reserved for Full, Pro and Corporate Bitcoin Embassy members. Which Slack Channels are available ? Once registered you will find various other (sub) channels for you to join as…

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The Bitcoin Report

The Bitcoin Report is a Dutch language YouTube show by Dennis Binnekade with news, interviews and guides to make Bitcoin more understandable for people that are interested in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. The show covers basics like: What is bitcoin, how to create and secure a Bitcoin wallet, how to buy bitcoins and includes news,…

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Hogeschool van Amsterdam Blockchain course.

A Complete Beginners Guide to Blockchain Technology

Date: Friday 26th June: – Time: 12.50 – 18.00 hrs. in Amsterdam, The Netherlands Location: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences ( Hogeschool van Amsterdam ) European Tour: Courses in Barcelona – London – Berlin – Prague ! Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam through its good contacts with the Computer Sciences faculty of the Amsterdam University of Applied…

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deBitcoin publishes Dutch and English spoken expert interviews with leading people in the crypto (currency) space and beyond. It covers topics like tech, privacy, distributed solutions, economics, politics, local currencies, the crisis and much more. Every Thursday at 21pm CE(S)T there is a Google hangout that you can watch live and participate in by asking…

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