May, 2015


deBitcoin publishes Dutch and English spoken expert interviews with leading people in the crypto (currency) space and beyond. It covers topics like tech, privacy, distributed solutions, economics, politics, local currencies, the crisis and much more. Every Thursday at 21pm CE(S)T there is a Google hangout that you can watch live and participate in by asking…

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BLOCKTRAIL – Bitcoin API and SDK for Powering Bitcoin Apps BLOCKTRAIL founded in 2014 and based in the Netherlands provides a better and more secure bitcoin infrastructure for developers and enterprises. The company is also dedicated to delivering better tools for the bitcoin economy and lowering the entry barriers through their Bitcoin API ( Application…

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Ouch! That must hurt!

Implanted Chips: A Glimpse Into The Future

Bitpost posted an article about NFC implants inside the human body. Bitcoin NFC implants became a bit of a media buzz late 2014 / early 2015 when Martijn Wismeijer, one of the founding members of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam experimented with biohacking a contactless bitcoin payment solution together using implanted NFC technology. The article on Bitpost shows…

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Interview: – distributed TRUST framework

The Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam interviews Mr. Pavel Kravchenko, chief cryptographer at Tembusu Systems and formerly We talk with Pavel talk about cryptography, anonymity, KYC and the Tembusu TRUST framework, a distributed blockchain technology that is both a platform of exchange and a personal asset management platform. For more information on the check the Tembusu…

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