Bitcoin Research Project

Bitcoin Adoption Research Project (survey)

Are you also curious about the level of acceptance and the way Bitcoin is used? Well now you can share your experiences anonymously by filling out the Online Survey! Being passionate about Bitcoin we instantly embraced the plan put forward by one new members Sani Kiljan for a global Bitcoin Adoption Research Project. He is undertaking this research project as part of his graduation as Bachelor of Psychology at the University of Eindhoven, a city in the South of the Netherlands close to the Belgian border famous for the Royal Philips N.V. company ( electronics, healthcare and lighting ) being founded there in 1891. We call on you to help…

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Jean-Pierre Buntinx

Jean-Pierre Buntinx has been involved in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency since late 2009. Back in 2010, he managed to mine Bitcoin with an Nvidia GPU which was easily earning 0.01 Bitcoin a day at the time. In 2013, Jean-Pierre ventured into the world of article writing and journalism, all of which revolved around Bitcoin and digital currencies. It became apparent rather quickly that his style of writing, combined with a passion for technology and a vow to remain objective in his articles, would be a valuable addition to the crypto news scene. After working for several news outlets during 2013 – including CryptoNerd, CryptoCoinsNews (news tip submission),…

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The Bitcoin Report

The Bitcoin Report is a Dutch language YouTube show by Dennis Binnekade with news, interviews and guides to make Bitcoin more understandable for people that are interested in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. The show covers basics like: What is bitcoin, how to create and secure a Bitcoin wallet, how to buy bitcoins and includes news, highlights and the occasional rumors from the (dutch) Bitcoin community. Previous Guests on The Bitcoin Report have been: Vincent Everts, Rutger van Zuidam, Annet de Boer among others and many more interviews have been planned already. The Bitcoin report has been online since mid 2015. It is the latest addition to the lineup of Bitcoin…

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deBitcoin publishes Dutch and English spoken expert interviews with leading people in the crypto (currency) space and beyond. It covers topics like tech, privacy, distributed solutions, economics, politics, local currencies, the crisis and much more. Every Thursday at 21pm CE(S)T there is a Google hangout that you can watch live and participate in by asking your own questions. The show has been on since late 2013 and is the longest running, most consistent and popular show in The Netherlands. Previous guests have been Andreas Antonopoulos, Roger Ver, Erik Voorhees, Tim Swanson, Charles Hoskinson, Adam Draper, Willem Middelkoop, Lex Hoogduin and many more.

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