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Bitcoin blockchain notary service.

Blockchain Notary [beta]

The Bitcoin blockchain notary service is the cheap, fast and easy way to time-stamp your documents on the Bitcoin blockchain! We combined the reliability of a notary with the superhero powers, security, trust and low fees of the Bitcoin blockchain! To create a proof of existence for a file (<1Gb) on the blockchain, drag and…

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Volunteer for the Bitcoin Embassy

Possibilities for students, interns & volunteers

The Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association receives inquiries from students at universities, technical colleges and from volunteers wanting to contribute and participate on a regular basis. When you are reading this you are probably interested in Bitcoin or blockchain technologies. Maybe you have to do a study, research project or write a paper as part of…

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Zeedijk Amsterdam, in the heart of the red-light district.

News: Mr Marek Skonieczny removed twice from the premises by the Amsterdam Police

Amsterdam, March 8, 2015: Mr Marek Skonieczny – until recently – one of the co-founders of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam had to be removed twice by the Amsterdam Police from the premises of Hofje van Wijs ( address: Zeedijk 43 Amsterdam – ) where the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam meets. He was formally cautioned by…

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Marek Skonieczny

Suspension Notice of mr Marek Skonieczny

Today Formal Notice was given to mr Marek Skonieczny of immediate suspension of his membership and various attached self-appointed positions and rights ( such as President, (co-)Founder, Ambassador etc. ) of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association and/or Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam. Until recently mr Marek Skonieczny was involved in co-founding and running a not for profit…

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Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Mission Statement

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam 2.0 – Mission & Vision Statement

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association ( B.E.A.A. ) is a non-profit association ( ‘informele vereniging’ according to the Laws of the Netherlands ) democratically ruled by its members and an executive Committee consisting of: free members ( no voting right ), personal members ( with full voting rights ) and professional members ( with full voting rights…

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