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Bitcoin blockchain notary service.

Blockchain Notary [beta]

The Bitcoin blockchain notary service is the cheap, fast and easy way to time-stamp your documents on the Bitcoin blockchain! We combined the reliability of a notary with the superhero powers, security, trust and low fees of the Bitcoin blockchain! To create a proof of existence for a file (<1Gb) on the blockchain, drag and drop the document to be signed onto the box below and follow the instructions on screen.

Volunteer for the Bitcoin Embassy

Possibilities for students, interns & volunteers

The Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association receives inquiries from students at universities, technical colleges and from volunteers wanting to contribute and participate on a regular basis. When you are reading this you are probably interested in Bitcoin or blockchain technologies. Maybe you have to do a study, research project or write a paper as part of your education and wonder what Bitcoin is or what the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam can do for you? If so, please take your time and read the information below and study the information in other sections of this website. Please use the top bar menu links to read up on our Mission & Vision, various types…

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Zeedijk Amsterdam, in the heart of the red-light district.

News: Mr Marek Skonieczny removed twice from the premises by the Amsterdam Police

Amsterdam, March 8, 2015: Mr Marek Skonieczny – until recently – one of the co-founders of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam had to be removed twice by the Amsterdam Police from the premises of Hofje van Wijs ( address: Zeedijk 43 Amsterdam – ) where the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam meets. He was formally cautioned by the Police that recurrence constitutes the criminal offense of trespassing or unlawful entry ( “lokaal vredebreuk” in Dutch – art. 138/139 Netherlands Criminal Code ) Afterwards he continued lingering near the entrance of the Hofje van Wijs on the street, till the end of the event. He continuously accosted fellow Bitcoiners stepping outside to smoke…

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Marek Skonieczny

Suspension Notice of mr Marek Skonieczny

Today Formal Notice was given to mr Marek Skonieczny of immediate suspension of his membership and various attached self-appointed positions and rights ( such as President, (co-)Founder, Ambassador etc. ) of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association and/or Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam. Until recently mr Marek Skonieczny was involved in co-founding and running a not for profit organization called Bitcoin Embassy and/or Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam with its own semi-permanent premises located at Hofje van Wijs at the address: Zeedijk 43 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam or Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association is an informal association ( ‘informele vereniging” according to the Laws of the Netherlands ) de facto formed through the…

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Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Mission Statement

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam 2.0 – Mission & Vision Statement

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association ( B.E.A.A. ) is a non-profit association ( ‘informele vereniging’ according to the Laws of the Netherlands ) democratically ruled by its members and an executive Committee consisting of: free members ( no voting right ), personal members ( with full voting rights ) and professional members ( with full voting rights ) and corporate members ( companies, legal entities with more than 1 personal and/or professional representing members – and attached voting rights.) Any natural person – in good standing – ( over the age of 16 ) is eligible to apply for a free or personal membership. Applications for a professional or corporate membership require…

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