Suspension Notice of mr Marek Skonieczny

Marek Skonieczny

Today Formal Notice was given to mr Marek Skonieczny of immediate suspension of his membership and various attached self-appointed positions and rights ( such as President, (co-)Founder, Ambassador etc. ) of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association and/or Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam.

Until recently mr Marek Skonieczny was involved in co-founding and running a not for profit organization called Bitcoin Embassy and/or Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam with its own semi-permanent premises located at Hofje van Wijs at the address: Zeedijk 43 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam or Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association is an informal association ( ‘informele vereniging” according to the Laws of the Netherlands ) de facto formed through the collective efforts of a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts and volunteers who voluntarily and without financial compensation inspired by the greater vision and desire for a non-profit organization for promoting Bitcoin and Blockchain related events, holding meetings and for operating a semi permanent space ( location ) as well as a website and various other related social media.

For this project mr Marek Skonieczny from its inception sought and until recently received the full support of Mrs. Martijn Wismeijer and Arthur Rommes as well as various other supporters, volunteers and enthusiasts.

Since the middle of January of this year all efforts of various persons in Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam to get mr. Skonieczny to participate and function within a democratic framework in the spirit of a non-profit association and be fully accountable for monies received by him from members, ambassador (members), donors and sponsors have regrettably been without any result. Even setting up the democratically agreed multi signature Bitcoin wallet as a first step proved impossible.

Contrary to his own public statements and repeated promises mr. Skonieczny maintained full and absolute sole control over Bitcoin Embassy and Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam over its website, finances and related social media.

Additionally he used the organization to advocate and publicly voice his own highly controversial and divisive statements and upsetting leading organizations and companies in the Bitcoin sphere in the Netherlands. Bitcoin Embassy partly to his actions and behaviour also lost the use of its semi-permanent space at Zeedijk nr. 43 and continued announcing non-existent or unorganized events to the disappointment and annoyance of uninformed visitors.

Mr. Martijn Wismeijer who at its inception registered the domain name was forced to file a case with the ( domain registrar for the TLD .NL ) to regain the full DNS control previously given in good faith to mr. Skonieczny in view of his consequent refusal to coöperate in any way.

Since February 27th the new and official website for Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam and the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association – after formally being awarded the DNS control by – is now being hosted on the world-wide web at:

Since that date he however continues to host a website under the names of Bitcoin Embassy and/or Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam using at least two domain names he intentionally registered some time ago ( under his alias: “Marek Skorek” ) : and

By acting in this manner he seems out to hijack the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam initiative for his own selfish interests and/or at least creates unacceptable confusion.

He has also been summoned – by the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam and Association to no later than March 13th 2015:

– to hand over its finances, monies received by him under the pretext of memberships, sponsor monies etc, and transfer its Bitcoins with full financial accountability over the period he controlled the finances;

– to transfer the ownership and/or control of various domain-names and social media accountants etc relating to Bitcoin Embassy and/or Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam

– to hand over various possessions and belongings of Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam

The undersigned acting on behalf of Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam and its Association shall be convening a General Meeting of Members no later than June 1st for democratically deciding on various matters,

Amsterdam, March 6, 2015

Martijn Wismeijer

Arthur Rommes

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association c/o Zeedijk 43, 1012AR Amsterdam
phone: +31-8486-80049 / [email protected] /

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