Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam 2.0 – Mission & Vision Statement

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Mission Statement

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association ( B.E.A.A. ) is a non-profit association ( ‘informele vereniging’ according to the Laws of the Netherlands ) democratically ruled by its members and an executive Committee consisting of: free members ( no voting right ), personal members ( with full voting rights ) and professional members ( with full voting rights ) and corporate members ( companies, legal entities with more than 1 personal and/or professional representing members – and attached voting rights.)

Any natural person – in good standing – ( over the age of 16 ) is eligible to apply for a free or personal membership. Applications for a professional or corporate membership require review and approval by the Committee. The last two memberships categories are meant for companies and or individuals with a leading role in the blockchain sphere, related media, VIPs, academics, experts with information technology, blockchain knowledge, mining or programming skills and relevant expertise etc.

B.E.A.A. in the current situation will – till further notice – be temporarily governed by mr’s. Martijn Wismeijer and Arthur Rommes who jointly act as a temporary Committee. One of their key tasks is to organize and convene in the very near future no later than June 1st 2015 an ‘extraordinary meeting of members’ to democratically decide on various matters, confirm the existing mandate and/or elect officers for the Committee. The date and agenda will be communicated via the website. Motions, proposals and or names of candidates for a position on the Committee need to be submitted in writing and supported by a minimum of three (paid) members no later than two weeks before the announced date of such meeting.

Person(s) previously involved with running and/or managing Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam and or its Association will be formally obliged to account for their actions and handling of finances and shall be requested to hand over all possessions, belongings, materials and other (in)tangible assets etc. pertaining to B.E.A.A.

B.E.A.A. a not for profit association was established by a diverse range of individuals and businesses united by the greater vision that Blockchain and peer-to-peer (digital) technologies can profoundly contribute to improvement of society as a whole.

B.E.A.A. aims to become the central online and real world meeting place for interested parties, individuals and businesses, through its:

  • website, social media and email newsletter
  • own meeting space at the Hofje van Wijs, Zeedijk 43 in Amsterdam
  • organized meetings and events
  • special interest & technology development groups
  • related business startup support and business incubator services


B.E.A.A. also provides a united public voice for the Blockchain / Bitcoin and other related communities, engages with government and regulators to build a world-class regulatory environment for the creation of jobs and growth in this emerging field, promotes development and dissemination of best-practices by Blockchain and related businesses and actively works to counter illegitimate uses of these technologies.

B.E.A.A. promotes the use and development of peer-to-peer and Blockchain technologies in The Netherlands and Europe in particular through education, lobbying and public engagement.

B.E.A.A. aims to encompass all relevant future developments and innovations like e.g. alternative currency types and complementary technologies based upon the novel concept of the Blockchain.

B.E.A.A. is calling on all natural persons, professionals and companies to join our Association and collectively work together in a constructive way to further the stated objectives.

Our greater vision is for Europe and the Netherlands in particular to become the world’s pre-eminent location for the development of businesses and services enhanced by a regulatory framework that encourages innovations whilst protecting the interests of commercial and consumer end-users.

Posted on March 2, 2015 in It's Official

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