BitPay – receive Bitcoin payments and transfers to your bank account founded in May 2011, is a global Bitcoin payment service provider based in Atlanta (U.S.A.) with its European Headquarter in Amsterdam. Trusted by over 60,000 (!) businesses and organizations and processing US$ 1 million plus daily in 2014. BitPay offers a free plan for receiving Bitcoin payments from your customers with unlimited processing forever. BitPay provides various easy to use or implement solutions for your eCommerce website(s), webhosting and/or billing platform or (existing) retail point-of-sale systems. GENERAL OVERVIEW of BitPay’s Key Functionalities – Direct Bank Deposit: receive settlement directly to your bank account in 33 countries. – Best…

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BitKassa - Klant betaald in Bitcoins, u ontvangt euro's.


What happens when three friends and Bitcoin Embassy members decide to bring bitcoin to business? BitKassa happens! BitKassa ( is the leading dutch payment provider for small businesses, making it stunningly easy for bars, restaurants and shops to accept bitcoin. The BitKassa POS (Point of Sale) service / app is available anywhere in the EUR zone and as a venue owner all you need is your favorite tablet or smartphone to process incoming Bitcoin payments. Payments from patrons in Bitcoin are immediately converted into Euros and deposited into your bank account the next day. No currency loss or delays in payouts, accepting Bitcoin could not be easier! For more information,…

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Bitcoin blockchain notary service.

Blockchain Notary [beta]

The Bitcoin blockchain notary service is the cheap, fast and easy way to time-stamp your documents on the Bitcoin blockchain! We combined the reliability of a notary with the superhero powers, security, trust and low fees of the Bitcoin blockchain! To create a proof of existence for a file (<1Gb) on the blockchain, drag and drop the document to be signed onto the box below and follow the instructions on screen.

BLOCKTRAIL – Bitcoin API and SDK for Powering Bitcoin Apps BLOCKTRAIL founded in 2014 and based in the Netherlands provides a better and more secure bitcoin infrastructure for developers and enterprises. The company is also dedicated to delivering better tools for the bitcoin economy and lowering the entry barriers through their Bitcoin API ( Application Programming Interface ) and SDK ( Software Development Kit). BLOCKTRAIL Developer Platform BLOCKTRAIL’s Developer Platform can be used without cost through their Free Fair Use Policy (at time of writing: 86,400 API requests per 24 hrs and 1 request per second ) with the Bitcoin (BTC) network. While building and testing your application to avoid…

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SendChat has been created with the aim of becoming the main communication tool devised using the blockchain technology. The SendChat platform will infuse existing instant messaging technologies like Telegram to not only deliver a platform which has been extensively developed with privacy and security in mind but also integrate other digital currency platforms such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin etc. to produce a winning solution that can cater to both new and existing messaging users. SendChat has established alliances with major players in the industry that can support its growth and overall sustainability within the market. As a result, leaders such as Blocktrail have provided the necessary security to secure the currency…

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BLACKGATE - Distributed Hosting Engine

BLACKGATE – distributed hosting

BlackGate, the distributed hosting engine increases hosting accessibility, by making it free, simple and distributed! The aim of the BlackGate project is to move hosting of semi-static pages – like blogs, company, private and news pages – from hosting providers to end-user devices. The designed and implemented blockchain and protocol results in a secure, more robust and censorship-resistant distributed hosting environment. The distributed hosting algorithm and protocol takes care of the optimal locations for each page. It empowers a new type of hosting ecosystem with the potential to create new business models and services, such as interoperable page generation and management tools. The project follows the following principles: In the…

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