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And We’re Back!

Amsterdam’s Bitcoin community has a new hotspot! We’re no longer known as the Bitcoin Embassy but ‘de Bitcoin Show’ is today’s heart of the Amsterdam Bitcoin scene. It’s the most popular Bitcoin YouTube channel in The Netherlands presented by some of Amsterdam’s most legendary Bitcoin OGs, Boris, Aaron and Jan Willem! The show on YouTube…

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Blockchain 2.0: Je eigen notaris met Blockchain Notary

Er wordt wel veel gepraat over Bitcoin 2.0 en de kracht van de Blockchain maar het is altijd fijn wanneer deze beloftes ook daadwerkelijk worden omgezet in daadwerkelijke toepassingen. Zo is er nu de “Blockchain Notary” welke te vinden is op de website van de Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam. Met deze Blockchain Notaris kan je, door…

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Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam To Host “Beginners Guide to Blockchain Technology” Event

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Reaches out to the computer sciences faculty if the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. It goes without saying that more educational efforts regarding Bitcoin and blockchain technology are a welcome addition at this time. Especially when such a course does not require you to have any previous knowledge about programming, although some…

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Ouch! That must hurt!

Implanted Chips: A Glimpse Into The Future

Bitpost posted an article about NFC implants inside the human body. Bitcoin NFC implants became a bit of a media buzz late 2014 / early 2015 when Martijn Wismeijer, one of the founding members of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam experimented with biohacking a contactless bitcoin payment solution together using implanted NFC technology. The article on Bitpost shows…

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Bitcoin-rel Amsterdam escaleert [Slachtoffers]

925 schreef dit artikel zonder contact met de Bitcoin Embassy en het resultaat is uiteindelijk een heel raar verhaal geworden. Lees het commentaar onder het artikel ook even… Bitcoin is het nieuwe geld, het nieuwe denken, de nieuwe liefde! Niks niet bankiers die mega-bonussen binnenslepen, maar een prachtige alternatieve geldstroom die een glanzende toekomst en…

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Will We See Two Bitcoin Embassies in Amsterdam Soon?

Amsterdam is a great city in the Netherlands, and it has only become more interesting because if its Bitcoin Embassy. However, it looks like there is trouble brewing in this Bitcoin paradise, now that one of the founders has been suspended from the organization. And if this suspended founder has his way, Amsterdam may very…

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