Will We See Two Bitcoin Embassies in Amsterdam Soon?

Will We See Two Bitcoin Embassies in Amsterdam Soon?

Amsterdam is a great city in the Netherlands, and it has only become more interesting because if its Bitcoin Embassy. However, it looks like there is trouble brewing in this Bitcoin paradise, now that one of the founders has been suspended from the organization. And if this suspended founder has his way, Amsterdam may very well have two Bitcoin Embassies in the near future.

Marek Skonieczny
The Amsterdam Bitcoin Embassy was founded by several like-minded people, one of which is Marek Skonieczny. Unfortunately for the Bitcoin Embassy, Mr. Skonieczny has been causing quite a lot of havoc over the recent months, as the Amsterdam police even had to remove him from the premises twice earlier this month.

Events spiraled out of control after Mr. Skonieczny was suspended by the Amsterdam Bitcoin Embassy earlier this year. All of his rights and self-appointed positions – as a Founder, you do have certain perks in that regard – have been suspended immediately. However, once the members of the Bitcoin Embassy attempted to give him additional responsibilities – participating and functioning within a democratic framework – fell on deaf ears.

Author: JP Buntinx

Posted on March 30, 2015 in In the News

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