And We’re Back!

Amsterdam’s Bitcoin community has a new hotspot! We’re no longer known as the Bitcoin Embassy but ‘de Bitcoin Show’ is today’s heart of the Amsterdam Bitcoin scene. It’s the most popular Bitcoin YouTube channel in The Netherlands presented by some of Amsterdam’s most legendary Bitcoin OGs, Boris, Aaron and Jan Willem!

Click to visit de Bitcoin Show

The show on YouTube is in the Dutch language only so might not be your cup of tea but everyone is welcome to join the Bitcoin meetups where we tend to speak many languages (and yes, that includes English!)

Click to join our Bitcoin Meetup!

The Amsterdam Bitcoin community also has a new place where we hang out: ‘de Bitcoin Meetups’ are fantastic meetups at Blast Galaxy, Amsterdam’s best retro gaming arcade with the awesome ‘Bitcoin meets Mr Robot’ vibe we all love. 😁🕹🍺️

See you at our next meetup! Strong hand everybody!

Posted on July 21, 2020 in At the Embassy, In the News, International, It's Official, Member Showcase

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