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Bitcoin Picture Concepts

Learning doesn’t have to be about the written word. Through the use of images Picture Concepts communicates a knowledge of the subject that is not constrained by language, literacy or age. Whether you are an expert or a novice, Picture Concepts will provide insight into the topic. The book contains 24 full page pictures and no text. Ideal of teaching, storytelling, discussion, interpretation or reflection on the ideas they convey. About the Author Niel Ryan is a technology evangelist, traveler and teacher. Having lived in England, China, Kazakhstan and The Netherlands. He writes books that make the understanding of our lives easier. His philosophy of teaching and presenting information is…

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Lisboa School of economics & management

Blockchain & Crypto Research Project – Launch Party Friday 21st October 2016

The University of Lisbon (School of Economics and Management) and its research Centre for Economic and Organizational Sociology announces the launch of a 2 year research project about the economic and societal impact of Blockchain Technology and Crypto Currencies. The project will be informally launched and briefly presented at the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam, located at Zeedijk 43, Amsterdam on Friday 21 st October at 8.00 p.m. and we invite interested parties to attend by registering at: We also call on relevant blockchain and cryptocurrency projects to contact us for inclusion in this comprehensive research project. Other experts, community members, developers and the crypto & blockchain communities generally are also…

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The untold story of

July 2016: has been relaunched as a classic Bitcoin faucet rotator site. Bitcoin faucets are considered one of the easiest ways to get started with Bitcoin. A faucet is a website that will give you up to a couple of cents worth of Bitcoin for visiting. simply binds them together to make them easy to access. Visitors enter their Bitcoin address at the Bitcoin Faucet, solve a puzzle and once they received their coins from the faucet click next to jump to the next faucet. Rinse and repeat until all faucets are visited for the day, you are filthy rich or (more likely) just tired from clicking all…

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Bitcoin Adoption Survey - image by Cointelegraph

2016-01 Update on Bitcoin Adoption Survey.

Image Credit: Cointelegraph Early December 2015 Bitcoin Embassy published the Bitcoin Adoption Research Project. This online Survey was launched by our member Sani Kiljan. (also known as Sanne) We invited Sani for a hot coffee, in our warm embassy in the city centre of Amsterdam during a cold and rainy day to learn more and be updated. What is this Bitcoin research project all about? This research is looking into the psychological factors which influence the adoption rate of bitcoin. This research focuses on different psychological factors taken from scientific literature. I expect to find out a big difference in specially the effort expectancy, this determinant is about the degree…

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Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It (film review)

Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It (IMDB) traces the history of money from the ancient world to the trading floors of Wall St. The documentary exposes the practices of central banks and the dubious financial actors who brought the world to its knees in the last crisis. It highlights the Government influence on the money creation process and how it causes inflation. Moreover, this film explains how most money we use today is created out of thin air by banks when they create debt. Epic in scope, this film examines the patterns of technological innovation and questions everything you thought you knew about money. Is Bitcoin an…

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A complete beginners guide to blockchain technology.

Beginners Guide to Blockchain Technology – Online

For those that were unable to attend the complete beginners guide to blockchain technology (50+ attendees!) presented by Adam Giles of Blockstrap and held at the Computer Sciences Faculty of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences on Friday June 26th, 2015… We would like to thank Blockstrap for presenting this course to our Embassy members, students and academic staff at the Computer Sciences faculty for attending!

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