March, 2015

Will We See Two Bitcoin Embassies in Amsterdam Soon?

Amsterdam is a great city in the Netherlands, and it has only become more interesting because if its Bitcoin Embassy. However, it looks like there is trouble brewing in this Bitcoin paradise, now that one of the founders has been suspended from the organization. And if this suspended founder has his way, Amsterdam may very…

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Amsterdamse bitcoingemeenschap splijt na ruzie

Een ruzie binnen de Amsterdamse bitcoingemeenschap heeft een splijtzwam veroorzaakt, resulterend in twee aparte bitcoin-ambassades: flexwerkplek, vergadercentrum annex ontmoetingsplaats. Dat meldt Cointelegraph. In december werd naast café Hofje van Wijs aan de Zeedijk een Bitcoin Embassy in gebruik genomen, dat een laagdrempelig platform wilde zijn voor alle (Amsterdamse) bitcoiners. De Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam wordt gesponsord…

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Interview Arthur Rommes at Bitcoin Expo 2015 London

In an exclusive interview for, our co-founder Arthur Rommes talks about the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam. The interview was recorded during the Bitcoin Expo 2015 in London.

Volunteer for the Bitcoin Embassy

Possibilities for students, interns & volunteers

The Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association receives inquiries from students at universities, technical colleges and from volunteers wanting to contribute and participate on a regular basis. When you are reading this you are probably interested in Bitcoin or blockchain technologies. Maybe you have to do a study, research project or write a paper as part of…

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Bitmain Antminer S5 Unboxing

On a recent event Jacob and Yoshi from Bitmain dropped by to say hello, introduce us to the S2 upgrade boards (to get more life out of your old Antminer S2) and show us the current Bitmain Antminer S5 unit. This week we connect it to some power and a mining pool. I complain a…

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Bitcoin Startup Incubator Team One

Startup Incubator – Team-One

Last tuesday we had our very first Startup Incubator Project meeting – now called “Team-One” – in the Embassy Room of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam. One of our Embassy’s first Pro Members mr Valery Kholodkov took the initiative for Team One by forming a group of 4 persons including mr Arthur Rommes. Recently accepted as…

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