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Bitcoin Startup Incubator Team One

Last tuesday we had our very first Startup Incubator Project meeting – now called “Team-One” – in the Embassy Room of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam.

Valery KholodkovOne of our Embassy’s first Pro Members mr Valery Kholodkov took the initiative for Team One by forming a group of 4 persons including mr Arthur Rommes.

Recently accepted as a Pro Member by the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association mr Valery Kholodkov – like all future Pro Members ( Professional Members ) – can organize or co-organize small special interest groups for new projects, business startups, technology discussion groups or any other relevant activity. In his case he decided to form Startup Project “Team-One”. So becoming a Pro Member has its advantages and can be the first to step to really start doing things !

You can also get 50-100% discount on the annual Pro Membership dues by taking initiative and actively contributing to Groups or Meetings of the Bitcoin Embassy. This to incentivize active participation, collaboration, exchange of ideas and generally encourage the development of new technological developments and related start-up groups. As a token of encouragement and sign of confidence in mr Valery Kholodkov’s qualities and his stated commitment Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association has given him a free Professional Membership ( 100 % ) for an initial period of 6 months.

In our own Embassy Room up to 16 persons of your group can sit down around the long table for your own group meetings Two other tables offer space for another 5 and 2 persons ( e.g. smaller sub-groups ). Please contact us beforehand with your plans and ideas and for booking or using one of our tables in the Embassy Room.

Depending on your idea and purpose the group meetings in the Embassy can be either (1)an “Open Group Meeting” type meaning basically all Full Members and Pro Members can join. Or joining (2) an “Open Group” can be subject to the approval of the organizer. Alternatively an (3) “Closed Group Meeting” form where the organizer actively invites selected persons and decides on who can join.

Click here to read up and get a better idea on what a Business Incubator entails:

For the future we are looking to gradually build and extend our ‘Incubator’ network by inviting experts to join and participate, encouraging members to come up with ideas and suggestions and above all to organize themselves in smaller groups. So shortly put by really start doing things, engaging and contributing.

Having visited many other meetups we frequently felt – apart from the odd question and resulting public discussions – that the next step and follow up possibility was missing. We learned about new things and ideas but frequently got submerged afterwards by other pressing obligations, distracted by a tidal wave of emails and social media interactions etc.

With our own space we now have the opportunity to actively follow up by organizing such smaller ‘thought – discussion – study” groups on interesting concepts, ideas or technologies.
We need your input and suggestions on relevant topics, technologies that need to be discussed and/or investigated more closely.

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam feels it can play a role and contribute to the adoption of Bitcoin, Blockchain and other related peer-to-peer technologies by promoting discussions, exchange of ideas and meaningful projects from its semi-permanent space at the Hofje van Wijs in Amsterdam.

Posted on March 13, 2015 in At the Embassy

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