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95,00 for 12 months

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association is also the first association of leaders and professionals involved in Bitcoin, crypto currencies and Blockchain plus related peer-to-peer digital technologies.

Professionals are employees, self employed, consultants etc. The Professional Membership however is a personal ( non corporate nor company ) membership in your own name.

Our Professional Members consist of various persons and professionals:
– Blockchain and related programmers and experts
– IT security and crypto security specialist
– crypto currency specialists
– lawyers, legal consultants and accounting professionals
– leading journalists and writers of related content
– important business leaders, VIPS, networkers and speakers
– qualified start ups
– others

Professional Membership entitles you to mention your Professional membership with that logo of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Member on your own personal or business website, social media profiles and include this in your external communications as well. You can include Professional Member seal of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam and/or Association in whatever form on websites, social media or in print ( business cards ).

Additionally you have the right to offer one product or service item in our web shop and a feature in our member showcase, a portfolio of blockchain technology based services developed by our members.

As a Professional Member you can also become eligible for a discount of 50 % – 100 % depending on your involvement and/or contribution to the activities of the Embassy.

We are in the process of organizing various special interest or development groups that can meet up in our Embassy location. Please contact us if you have any ideas or wish to organize such a sub-group.
Obviously we will also be organizing special professional and social events for professional and corporate members.

Please submit your application for a Professional Membership by submitting some details on your person, professional qualifications and your interests or involvements with Bitcoin and related technologies.
The Embassy expressly reserves the right to decline your membership and/or attach special conditions to being admitted. Alternatively we can decide to allow you as a candidate professional member for a certain period of time. Like the requirements for normal Members you have to remain in good standing.

By selecting 'Professional member' you are submitting a formal application request. Your request is subject to approval by our membership review board.

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