BLOCKTRAIL – Bitcoin API and SDK for Powering Bitcoin Apps
BLOCKTRAILBLOCKTRAIL founded in 2014 and based in the Netherlands provides a better and more secure bitcoin infrastructure for developers and enterprises. The company is also dedicated to delivering better tools for the bitcoin economy and lowering the entry barriers through their Bitcoin API ( Application Programming Interface ) and SDK ( Software Development Kit).

BLOCKTRAIL Developer Platform
BLOCKTRAIL’s Developer Platform can be used without cost through their Free Fair Use Policy (at time of writing: 86,400 API requests per 24 hrs and 1 request per second ) with the Bitcoin (BTC) network. While building and testing your application to avoid transaction costs and errors use the Bitcoin TestNet. A Testnet faucet with free TestNet coins with a Testnet- only web Wallet for testing purposes.

The BLOCKTRAIL API is a RESTful HTTP API. And SDK Libraries are provided for PHP, Python and NodeJS. This provides three major features:
– Bitcoin Data API – to pull raw data like transactions, wallet addresses, blocks and number of confirmations on certain transactions from the entire Bitcoin network
– Bitcoin Payments API
– Bitcoin Webhooks ( Events ) API – e.g. used to push notifications for new transactions or discovery of a new block on the network.

The BLOCKTRAIL Payment API is built using Multi-Signature HD Wallets with 3 ( private ) keys in total for a more complete and secure wallet solution. BLOCKTRAIL’s implementation of Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets will generate a new Bitcoin wallet address for every individual transaction.

BLOCKTRAIL Mint ‘exchange’ service can be used for getting fresh Bitcoins or exchanging ‘used’ Bitcoins for newly minted ones at a charge of 10%.


Power your app with the BLOCKTRAIL Bitcoin API

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Posted on May 10, 2015 in Member Showcase

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