Rescued from obscurity by Bitcoin.

A story about an old hen living in her 80’s style plastic hen-house that was bound to be forgotten but rescued by Bitcoin. Lucky Eggs, the original Bitcoin Chicken found a home at the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam. Lucky Eggs is the first Bitcoin aware vending machine that accepts Bitcoin and over 17 different cryptocurrencies to dispense a plastic novelty egg filled with a random Bitcoin trinket and is currently the only machine of its kind.

LuckyEggs relies on Blocktrail and Bitcoin Average for Bitcoin related data while ShapeShift is performing the instant altcoin to Bitcoin conversions for Lucky Eggs.

MrBitcoin won the runner-up price at the BLOCKTRAIL hackathon with the entry so come on over and get yourself some Lucky Eggs before they are all gone!

Posted on March 7, 2015 in At the Embassy, In the News

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