Maagdenhuis Occupation Amsterdam

Representing the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association Martijn Wismeijer and Arthur Rommes visited our Bitcoin friend and volunteer Niels Harmsen ( of: ) for moral support and to bring some food as a tangible contribution. With another Bitcoin friend he is actively participating ( by also living and sleeping there ! ) in the (temporary)…

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Rescued from obscurity by Bitcoin.

A story about an old hen living in her 80’s style plastic hen-house that was bound to be forgotten but rescued by Bitcoin. Lucky Eggs, the original Bitcoin Chicken found a home at the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam. Lucky Eggs is the first Bitcoin aware vending machine that accepts Bitcoin and over 17 different cryptocurrencies to…

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Getting Started with Bitcoin


#bitcoin-nl chat on IRC

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) was created in 1988. As such it is considered one of the granddaddies of chat networks. There are thousands of IRC networks in the world that are administered by various groups of IRC operators but the protocol exposed to IRC users is very similar and all IRC networks can be accessed…

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Bitcoin Embassy has Opened its Doors in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has joined the worldwide trend and launched the Bitcoin Embassy to educate people about the world of crypto. On December 12, 2014 the Bitcoin Embassy was opened in Amsterdam entailing with a grand opening party. The newly established institution is aimed to become a top meeting point and working space for the local and…

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Ook Amsterdam heeft eigen Bitcoin Embassy

Na Tel-Aviv, Montreal en Warschau is Amsterdam aan de beurt, daar wordt morgen namelijk de Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam geopend. De Embassy wordt gevestigd in het Hofje van Wijs aan de Zeedijk. Voor Bitcoin-kenners is dit geen geen onbekende locatie aangezien daar een Bitcoin-ATM te vinden is en je er kan afrekenen met Bitcoin. Het idee…

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