A Complete Beginners Guide to Blockchain Technology

Hogeschool van Amsterdam Blockchain course.

Date: Friday 26th June: – Time: 12.50 – 18.00 hrs. in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Location: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences ( Hogeschool van Amsterdam )
European Tour: Courses in Barcelona – London – Berlin – Prague !

Bonus: Free Professional Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Membership!
Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam through its good contacts with the Computer Sciences faculty of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences ( Hogeschool van Amsterdam ) managed to invite Blockstrap/Neuroware of Kuala Lumpur to launch their European Tour by giving a Free introductory course on Blockchain technology at the University in Amsterdam on Friday 26th June:

  • The course is open for all developers, students, start-ups, and enthusiasts.
  • No prior Blockchain knowledge or experience required to fully benefit from this course.
  • Basic website building and application development skills are all that is required as you will be learning to use the Blockstrap API for the complicated stuff.
  • Complete the course and you’ll also qualify for a Free Professional Membership!
Adam Giles, CEO of Neuroware.ioAdam Giles, lead developer of the Blockchain application stack Blockstrap.com and the technical product & project manager who developed their API, will give a series of presentations on:‏

  • The idea behind the world-wide ledger.
  • How the blockchain actually works.
  • How to begin building your own blockchain application.

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Blockstrap’s – Courses in other Cities

European Tour

Bonus: Your attendance permanently encoded on the Bitcoin blockchain. (courtesy of Blockstrap)

Free complimentary Professional Membership – after attending – with the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Association. It’s all part of our plan to bring together and unite Blockchain Professionals & Experts in Europe in our Professional Members’ section.


  • Module 1
    Introduction & Background to Blockchains

The concept of the world-wide ledger.
Distributed systems.
Technologies used within blockchains.
Developmental strategies for software developers.

  • Module 2
    Blockchains 101

How the blockchain works.
What’s in a block.
How the blocks fit together.
How we track/monitor and measure them.

  • Module 3
    Transactions 101

What’s a transaction.
How they get constructed.
How they get spent.
How they get redeemed.

  • Module 4

How blocks get made.
How they get added to the chain.
The evolution of mining.

  • Module 5
    Blockchains 102

Concept of forks.
Implications of distributed mining.
Alternative blockchains. (Altcoins 101)

  • Module 6
    Transactions 102

How to construct a transaction.
Creating and decoding signature strips.
How to store data in the blockchain.


In addition to an introductory blockchains course, we also teach a quick overview on how to now get started building an application using Blockstrap.

This short-course gives tips and advice on how to get started using:

  • Module 1
    The Blockstrap API

retrieving blockchain blocks & transactions and monitoring addresses.

  • Module 2
    The Blockstrap Framework

how to utilize themes, plugins, and widgets for the blockchains.

  • Module 3
    Our Example Applications

an overview of our open source starting points.

Amsterdam Course Registration

Limited availability, register today!

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