Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam

Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam – Where is it located?

Thanks to the generosity of the owner, and Bitcoin enthusiast, Mr Lex Heij of the famous coffee and tea company van Wijs & Zonen we have use of part of his premises for the Bitcoin Embassy. Wijs & Zonen, a very renowned business was founded in 1792 and in 1958 appointed as Royal Purveyor by…

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Bitcoin Embassy has Opened its Doors in Amsterdam


Amsterdam has joined the worldwide trend and launched the Bitcoin Embassy to educate people about the world of crypto. On December 12, 2014 the Bitcoin Embassy was opened in Amsterdam entailing with a grand opening party. The newly established institution is aimed to become a top meeting point and working space for the local and…

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Ook Amsterdam heeft eigen Bitcoin Embassy


Na Tel-Aviv, Montreal en Warschau is Amsterdam aan de beurt, daar wordt morgen namelijk de Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam geopend. De Embassy wordt gevestigd in het Hofje van Wijs aan de Zeedijk. Voor Bitcoin-kenners is dit geen geen onbekende locatie aangezien daar een Bitcoin-ATM te vinden is en je er kan afrekenen met Bitcoin. Het idee…

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Bitcoin Embassy in Amsterdam will open on December 12th.


The Bitcoin Embassy in Amsterdam will open its doors to the public on December 12th. If you are planning on attending this grand opening, or are simply interested in finding out more information about the project, make sure to check out their website. (www.bitcoinembassy.nl) A Bitcoin Embassy is an educational center where you can ask…

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Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Slated to Open in December


Yet another Bitcoin Embassy is expected to open its doors with the mission of promoting the bitcoin digital currency as it continues to gain traction around the world. Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam, as it’s know, is gearing up for a December 12th opening in, well, Amsterdam. That’s according to Dutch bitcoin blog Coincourant, who notes that…

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Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam opent 12 december


Na Montreal, Warschau, Tel Aviv, Parijs en Kiev zal ook Amsterdam binnenkort haar eigen Bitcoin Embassy mogen verwelkomen. De speciale “ambassade” wordt gevestigd naast het Hofje van Wijs aan de Zeedijk 43, en zal haar deuren openen op 12 december. De Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam is een non-profit initiatief dat er naar zal streven een laagdrempelig…

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