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Update: After two years we no longer offer free membership. Full membership is inexpensive at only 9.99 Euro / year and we want to reduce the number of bogus free-member signups so we can concentrate and spend more time with our active members.

That's right. FREE as in free lunch!

At the Embassy we like to include and represent all groups in the Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain ecospheres and therefore our basic membership package is free.

Sign up for our Free Membership and start receiving regular email updates of our coming events, the latest news and other useful information. You can also visit some of our events for free and for others pay a small entrance fee.

Sign-up today, just add this free membership to your shopping cart. You will have immediate access to the 'My Embassy' section of this site as soon as you've completed checkout.

TIP: Use a social network to link your profile so you don't have to remember yet another password!

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