FULL Membership

9,99 for 12 months

Full membership also entitles you to ( only ) mention your membership ( in text ) of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam Member on your own personal website, social media profiles and include this in your external communications as well.

You are not allowed to – without prior written consent – use or include the logo or seal of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam and/or Association in whatever form on websites, social media or in print.

Additionally you have full voting rights at our regular General Meetings attended by our members to elect new Committee Members ( 'Officers' ) and decide on the rules, regulations of the association and other important issues.

Various new items are being added to our new E-shop some are exclusively available for our members or even at a member discount.

By becoming a Full Member you undertake to actively support our Association and generally share our vision and mission. More information on this:

As a Member you can also actively take part in organizing events, in our discussions and maybe also contribute in other ways.

The association expressly reserves the right to decline your membership application ( or attach additional requirements ) or later suspend or expel you. Grounds are e.g. serious suspicion or involvement with criminal or illicit activities or otherwise falling in disrepute ( e.g. by founded complaints received ) or by generally acting against the best interests ( 'damaging' ) of the Association and its other members. Minimum age requirement of 16 years applies.

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