Coinkite Bitcoin Debit Card


Get your very own Coinkite debit card, the first Bitcoin debit card at a special price!

At the Embassy we like to think of the Coinkite Debit card as a handy way to keep your Bitcoin address at hand and an easy way to spend Bitcoin and Litecoin at Coinkite locations worldwide. With the Coinkite Debit Card you won't need to remember to charge your phone.

Why would anyone want to carry the Coinkite card?
Each Coinkite card has a Bitcoin address on the back: this allows you to present the card to any Bitcoin user (not just Coinkite users) and accept a payment from them on the spot. The funds will appear in your Coinkite account without any effort on your part.

The card can also speed up your use of the Coinkite terminal, so if you make frequent visits to an establishment equipped with a Coinkite terminal, your checkout process is much faster and more secure.

Why is there a QR Code on the back of the card?
This QR Code is a Bitcoin Address, it enables you to receive money from anybody, including Bitcoin ATMs!

What do I do if I lose my card
No problem! Your Bitcoins are safe. Use the 'cards' option in your online account to place it on hold (just in case you find it back later) or cancel the card in your Coinkite account.

How does this work out with confirmations, would the consumer have to wait 10 minutes?
Payments from other Coinkite accounts confirm instantly, no more waiting for transactions to confirm on the Blockchain.

This product is sold to you by our embassy members at BTC Finance ( ) at a deeply discounted rate. ( EUR 2,50 + EUR 1,49 Shipping ) Fulfillment is done by the Bitcoin Embassy. Because of the deeply discounted price we have to limit this offer to one per client.

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